Win Tun Naing (Burmese: ဝင်းထွန်းနိုင်) was born in Myanmar (Burma). He got a Diploma of Civil Engineering from the Associate of Government Technical Institute (Chauk) and a Bachelor of Economics from Yangon Institute of Economics.

He performed his duties as a junior civil engineer for a few years at a construction company. Then he moved to a computer services company and served as a junior computer technician for the next few years.

Then got a Diploma in Interior Design from Zigmund-Ku School of Design Yangon. Moreover, while serving as a Junior Interior Designer/Drafter, he obtained another two specialist diplomas (Specialist Diploma in Architectural Technology and Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design) from BCA Academy Singapore.

Although he was fond of photography much, he got a chance to follow his heart only in his leisure time. He enjoys travel photography for nature, people, cultures, customs, and architecture. Architectural photography is his burning desire. Most of them are related to his career, Interior Designer/Drafter, his hobby serves as a pillar for his career.

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