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The Oracle Tree consultant firm is founded with international and local expert HR advisors with more than fifteen years experienced in diverse industry. We are the trusted partner for Human Resources Professionalism and Organization Training & Development. We can help you grow your business with strategic, focus and professional management. We tailor fit your organization’s day to day HR administrations, HR functions and set up your HR team in professional standard.Whether your organization is a complex enterprise or a growing small or mid-sized business, The Oracle Tree is the strongest and cost effective HR consulting firm in Myanmar to help your organization to improve employment management and workforce planning.

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The process involves need-based intervention in influencing knowledge, skills and attitude / behavior of the human capital deployed in an organization. The format includes: • Process Consultation in the form of Diagnostics – Identifying the concerns, issues and problems relating to any performance gaps between the Actual and the Desired levels • Organization Development (OD) intervention – Initiation and management of change, Organizational /Job Redesign and Restructuring etc.
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