How long will you stay in Bagan? Bagan was a capital of Myanmar between 11st and 13th AD.Thousands Pagodas were built to show the ancestors’s strong belief in Buddhism in those old days. To prove them with your own eyes come and see our spiritual, historical and mythological Land.
One day or Two days or Three days? All the itineraries I mentioned are not set in stone. Things are flexible. If you have special places you want to see tell me. I try to customize your demand. To meet your expectation is my priority.

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Thet and Shwe are providing private guided tour services. Over 4years experience in guiding services, knowledgeable and well trained government licensed tour guides are teamed. Myanmar is blessedly rich in pagodas, nature and history. Out of beautiful places, Bagan is our home town and a truly unique place for stunning thousand pagodas.
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