We take pride in our strong family heritage dating back to 1869 with the first practitioner of dentistry in Singapore, Dr. Cheong Chun Tin. Today, our family continues the tradition of developing innovative oral care products to satisfy the discerning consumer with Pearlie White®.

The most common questions we get asked are “Why do we want to continue competing in an industry filled with multinational brands several thousand times our size?” and “Why do we continue to manufacture in high-cost Singapore when all other brands have stopped doing so?”

The answer is encapsulated in our country’s national anthem “Majulah Singapore” which means, “Onward Singapore”.

Today, you cannot name a single fully Singapore owned brand that still makes their products in Singapore and that people across the world use every day. But we all use American software, drive Japanese cars, watch Korean dramas/kpop, carry Italian leather goods, wear Spanish fashion, use French cosmetics, drink milk from Australia, eat Thai rice etc and of course China for everything else.

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Pearlie White® is the only home grown Singapore oral care brand and the only brand that has oral care manufacturing facilities (ISO 22716: GMP certified) in our country.
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