Asia Blossom has pleasure to present you a brief account of why Myanmar is the “THE GIFTED LAND FOR TOURISTS”. Since Safety is first in every aspect, Asia Blossom would like to stress that Myanmar is a very secure place. Myanmar is a Buddhist country and Myanmarese follow Buddha’s teachings. Their hospitality and simplicity are unique in the world. Foreign visitors have no worry from any harm in Myanmar. Natural disasters are very rare in Myanmar due to the topography. Mountain ranges protect “Myanmar the Gifted Land” from very strong adverse weather. The southwest coast touch Bay of Bengal and southeast coast faces Andaman Sea, Myanmar possesses pristine sand beaches with emerald crystal sea, colorful coral reefs with many dive site in Mergui Archipelago and Rakhine coastline

The Northern most part and Northeast have a common border with China, while Northwestern part with India and Eastern part with Thailand and Laos. The terrain ranges from wet delta, to dry central zone, cool hills, lush fertile valleys, long mountain ranges and ice covered peaks.

In each particular region, our native hill brethren have their own culture and literature. Since there are 135 ethnic groups many different languages, costumes, customs and religious beliefs cannot be observed with one visit.

Apart from that Myanmar offers several ecological sites, one can enjoy trekking, bird watching, elephant riding, collecting insects, study rare species of plants & animals etc.

Myanmar well-known for its cultural heritage has been civilized for more than two thousand five hundred years. One can explore substantial archaeological facts from the ancient cities.

On conclusion, we would like to stress that Myanmar is the gifted land where one can enjoy all categories of tourist sites. Should you need assistance for a visit “ASIA BLOSSOM IS ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE

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Asia Blossom Travels & Tours Co., Ltd has been established in Yangon since 1995 by Myanmar Nationals and was granted the license No.Kha-0287 by the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism as a fully authorized Tour Operation and Travel Agent in Myanmar.
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